Natural Gemstone Bracelets, handmade with love

Created with care and love by our expert designer duo, sisters Rita and Viktoria are proud to bring you their fantastic range of handmade natural gemstone bracelets.

With over 20 years in interior design, the sister act turned their creative skills to crafting jewellery after being captured by the magnificence of natural mineral stones.

Amazed at nature’s power to produce such hypnotically beautiful gemstones, they started to explore the health and well-being benefits offered by the many different gemstones found around the world… and MyMineralShop was born.

Our handmade gemstone bracelets

Rita and Viktoria have a genuine passion for jewellery design, and have created a range of men’s and women’s natural gemstone bracelets that bring many benefits to the wearer.

Made in Spain but delivered worldwide, these handmade bracelets are individually crafted and packed in a gorgeous gift box – making them the ideal present for someone you love.

The benefits of natural gemstones

Our bracelets aren’t just for show. Natural gemstones are believed to harness energies that help to minimise negative thoughts and feelings, and improve many areas of our lives.

Most mineral stones offer multiple benefits, so you can choose a handmade bracelet in your favourite colours, while also finding stones that offer the specific healing support you’re seeking.

Here’s a handy reference to the benefits and metaphysical properties of the gemstones that we use in our bracelets, and the thoughts, feelings and problems they govern and the positive effects they offer…

Buy your natural gemstone bracelets now!

Once you’ve decided on the right healing properties for you or your recipient, take a look at our handmade gemstone bracelets for women and our men’s bracelet collection – and we’ll package and post your natural gemstone bracelet as soon as we possibly can!