Natural Gemstone Bracelets, handmade with love


Improves concentration, analytical power and perception, calms internal anger, provides a greater sense of security, a digestion aid and offers protection against dehydration and skin disorders.


Honesty, harmony, peace and communication.

Angel Aura Quartz

Aura cleanser, loving energy, new approaches, new life path, achieve your desires, tranquillity, guidance.


Intellect, concentration, learning, acceptance, love, inspiration, intuition, communication, harmony, viral health.


Wisdom, calmness, empowerment, compassion, anti-anxiety, courage, openness.


Heals the ‘inner child’, depression and anxiety, promotes happiness and improves eczema and dermatitis.


Happiness, ‘live life to the fullest’, reduces fear, panic and depression, attract true love, improve blood, bones and circulatory system.

Crystal Quartz (clear)

Powerfully healing, pain relief, attunes energy, protects against negativity, ease tension, uplifting, openness of heart and mind.


Pain reduction, relief from bone, spinal issues, cramps, headaches and anaemia, absorbs negativity and soothes stress and worries.


improve sleeping, calms overactive minds and bodies, reduces insomnia, improves dreaming, dream retention and stress relief, releases muscle tension and stress-related pain.


emotional healing, eases irritability, wards off negativity, protective, improves love and nurturing, stronger friendships.


courage, strength, stability and wisdom, enhances stamina and passion.


cope with change, enhances strength and perseverance, aura balancing, raises consciousness, grounds spiritual energies, strengthens intuition, and promotes psychic abilities.

Lapis Lazuli

inner peace, clears negative thought patterns, reduces chaos, enlightenment, improves self-awareness and self-expression, allows objectivity, promotes creativity.


grounding, calming, strengthens the connection to Mother Earth, promote strength, courage and stability through change, provides guidance and understanding, dispels anger.

Milk Quartz

light, goodness, purity, innocence, cleanliness, safety, sleep, tranquillity, allows an outlook without preconceived ideas or prejudices, protects against being overwhelmed by strong emotions.


sooths everyday stresses, brings work-life balance, grounding, absorbs and transforms negative energy, balances personal energy, promotes emotional and physical strength especially for stress, confusion or grief.

Rose Quartz

reduces heart stress and tension, anger, jealousy and resentment, promotes determination, commitment, caring, meditation and reflection, heals emotional trauma and attracts love, romance and relationships, promotes pregnancy and enhances fertility.

Tiger Eye

reduces fear and anxiety, promotes harmony, balance, positive action, decision making, mental clarity, stealth, vitality and will power, helps with psychosomatic illnesses.


refreshing, feminine, lucky, creative, friendships, calming, energy, wisdom, serenity, loyalty, emotional balance, patience, intuition, stabilises moods helps to heal the immune, respiratory, waste and skeletal systems.

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